KBA Law Firm-Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

KBA team has wide experience in representing corporate clients and individuals in court proceedings

KBA has a focused, integrated and efficient legal team that can address all important aspects of clients’ disputes and handle commercial and civil litigation cases. Our team works closely with our clients to identify the key legal and factual issues that are likely to drive the final outcome of the litigation process.

We specialise in matters that require effectiveness, high-level attention and a high degree of expertise. We handle litigation at all stages, from pre-suit counseling and investigations to trials before  the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Our people are committed to resolving disputes in the most efficient way and offering solutions that are practical and tailored to the clients’ needs.

In the course of the last few years, our lawyers have also handled numerous medical malpractice liability cases. In these cases, we collaborate with high-qualified experts and reputable professors to represent our clients in the most appropriate manner and achieve the best results.