Posting of Forest Maps

According to the announcement issued by The Press Office of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, posting of forest maps with regard to the regions of Kavala, Pieria, Drama, Arkadia, Kastoria, Lefkada, Kefallinia and Zante has started as of 15th January 2021. This is considered a follow-up development of the adoption of the newly issued Environmental Law under number 4685/2020. Furthermore, according to the aforementioned announcement, it is the result of the continuous cooperation between, on the one hand, of the Ministry of Environment and Energy and, on the other hand, the Coordinators of Decentralized Administrations, the forest department executives, the Greek Cadastre, as well as the timely preparation and issuance of the necessary administrative actions.

The aim of the project is, that forest maps of the Greek territory in its entirety will have been ratified by the end of 2021 – including, inter alia, the examination of the majority of objections against the content of these forest maps by the Objection Examination Committees, in accordance with the new institutional framework regarding their composition, but also with the national commitments of our country to the European Union.

Following these developments, a weekly program, covering the time period from mid-January to end-February 2021, has already been drawn-up and notified to the decentralized forest departments and the state bodies involved (the Greek Cadastre, the Greek Payment Authority of Common Agricultural Policy (in Greek: OPEKEPE), the Ministry of Economy).

Please find here an overview of all regions for which forest maps are expected to be posted till the end of February 2021.

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