The New Greek Insolvency Code – A bilingual version in Greek & English

KBA Law Firm, in cooperation with NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, presents “The New Greek Insolvency Code – A bilingual version of the New Insolvency Code (Law 4738/2020) in Greek & English“.

This book constitutes the English translation of the new Insolvency Law 4738/2020 (Government Gazette 207 A’/27.10.2020) titled “Debt settlement and giving a second chance and other provisions” as amended by Law 4821/2021 (Government Gazette 134 A’/31.07.2021). The present volume consists of five (5) Books: a) Book One – Prevention of Insolvency (articles 1-74); b) Book Two – Bankruptcy (articles 75-211); c) Book Three – Increase of Efficiency and Supervision Clauses – Vulnerable Debtors (articles 212-226); Book Four – Insolvency Administrators (articles 227-262); and Book Five (articles 263-265, 308).

The purpose of the publication is the dissemination of the Insolvency Code to a larger audience and the propulsion of the scientific dialogue to all kind of scholars, judges, practitioners, corporate managers, and advisors who deal with insolvency, debt and equity financing, entrepreneurship, and M&As in Greece. We sincerely hope that this publication will become a useful tool for all the above.

Special thanks and gratitude to our lawyers Alexandros Kontogeorgiou, Dimitra Bakopanou, Georgia Papathanasiou, Eirini Anastasiadi, Nikoletta Psarianou, Vassilis Papagiannidis and Ioanna Exarchou for their hard work and commitment as well as to the team of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI for their continuous support and skill in steering the book through production.

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